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Welcome to Game Palace 

Who are we
Our Story

We are committed to bringing crypto into everyday life and having real use cases. We aim to evolve with

 the growing space of gaming and crypto together as one entity.

Our Vision

We are connecting crypto and real world gaming. While also addressing the downfalls of many other projects to promote organic and sustainable growth.


Using blockchain technology to give real use cases for holding and spending crypto. As well as incentivizing spending the token rather than selling on an exchange. 

How it works

Image by Jeremy Bezanger


We are innovating the space like never before. Connecting crypto with real world assets to bring an all new experience to the crypto world.

Going full throttle.

The crypto space and gaming space are evolving everyday. We plan to solve some of the most prominent issues that are still persistent in today's market. Many projects struggle to keep income flowing into their projects. We have the solution. Learn more by reading our whitepaper article.

How it works

A crypto project that brings money into itself from real world assets.

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