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How Game Palace works

In this article you will find all the information on Game Palace and what we are about. Things like how Game Palace is different from many crypto projects out there and how we plan on using real world assets to make a recipe for success. The menu on the left can jump to any section.

What is Game Palace

Game Palace is a place where gaming, crypto, and income generating assets come together. This isn't just a token, nor is it only a place for gaming; it's also a place for gaming supplies and many other things. Game Palace is an ecosystem. An ecosystem that can be used for both entertainment and profit for everyone involved. 

Game Palace rewards token

The Game Palace rewards token is the first piece of many in our ecosystem we are building. This token is a basic rewards token at the core at first glance but there is so much more to it. You have the basic system reflected by the chart that gives basic rewards for holding the Game Palace token. Then we take things a step further by supporting this tokens growth with other assets that help bring funds into the token. By using profits from treasury investments into real life profit baring assets we make sure there is always money coming into the project. As time goes on the liquidity pool will get deeper and harder to dry up. Plus buy backs to create that liquidity will also raise the price floor over time. The Game Palace token is only the beginning.

Game Palace Roadmap

In these links below you can find a list of things on the horizon for Game Palace. This however doesn’t include everything that we are working on or that is in the future for the project. There aren’t set dates for these milestones because we want quality. We will continue to update this list to contain upcoming endeavors as they get closer to becoming relevant.

  • This link will take you to quick overview of what's completed and what could be next. Quickveiw

  • This link will give a complete guide on what's in the works currently. Game Palace Roadmap. In-depth

Real world assets

We plan on using a treasury fund to acquire profit generating assets that will help grow our ecosystem and offset sell pressure. These assets will be publicly announced before acquisition. Many projects Soley rely on unsustainable APY races to gain users ultimately to fizzle out once the money is gone. Other projects rely Soley on people buying their token to succeed. We add the missing link with having income from other sources as well as organic buy pressure. These real world assets can include physical business locations, safe low yield APY sources, and exclusive real world benefits for holding our tokens. Below is a chart of what the spread for a real physical location could be. Keep in mind the graphic is only a demonstration and not final.

profit asset chart.png
The token
Using real world assets
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