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  • Rewards based token that benefits holders for long term.

  • Holders get rewarded with additional tokens based on the trading volume.

  • Profits from real world assets will deepen the liquidity pool and make a solid price floor.

  • Portions of profits from real world assets will also fuel rewards for a limited NFT collection.

  • Scalable structure that increases trading volume and rewards over time.

Token overview

Who Are We

Why are we different?

  • We plan to bring in money from multiple sources not just from token sales.

  • Our rewards are not inflationary in nature and won't drop the price just by being distributed.

  • We don't participate in the degen APY race. We take the steady and sustainable approach.

  • We are looking at ways that can bring token utility to the real world and not just at your computer.

  • At Game Palace We look for long term success.

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